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Martin Traksmann

Chief Executive Officer
An architect and seasoned connoisseur of digital arts giving off sparks of exceptional will power – an unstoppable driving force behind the teams of White Mammoth that makes this mythical creature legendary.

Phone: +372 56 933 285

Kristo Kalev

Office Manager

Phone: +372 5453 2243

Denis Yarmolenko

Senior 3D Artist
A relentless artist who knows little what a dream is, but he is well aware of modern digital art.


Artur Saljukov

3D Artist
A relentless artist who some say never sleeps and has a sign across his desktop that reads “Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself”. All we know is, he is not The Stig – he is The Stigs Estonian cousin.

Phone: +372 545 88 085

Gerli Kai Traksmann

Executive Producer
An irreplaceable asset who makes sure everything from managerial accounting to post processing runs smoothly at the studio.

Phone: +372 585 34 378

White Mammoth

Your Name
We are continuously looking for new talent to enhance our team. Send us your portfolio and a few lines about why you would make a great addition to White Mammoth.

Phone: +372 56 933 285


„We always exeed expectations and are constantly looking for opportunities to be more innovative and how to perform better at what we do. Having said that, we are more than happy to cooperate with White Mammoth whom we have many shared values with. The outcome of the visualisation art must have quality and innovation as well as be completed promptly. White Mammoth does it all. The professional team behind White Mammoth does not only lie behind their technical visualisation skills but also their exquisite abilities to create architecture and design.“

Endover Kinnisvara |

„It is important for us to visualize the dreams of a new home in the most realistic, yet appealing way. White Mammoths contemporary style, striving for excellence and keen eye for details makes their work stand out. This is complemented by devotion to duty and strong work ethics, which makes them a good and reliable partner.“

Bonava Eesti |

„White Mammoth is the best choice when ordering 3D images. As an extra to the technical skills, they also have a keen eye for details and what goes together. They always work until the result is impressive. It is also nice to know when something will be finished. We are very satisfied with their services.“

Liven Kinnisvara |

„Even when it just so happens that a great idea comes to you at the last possible moment and you find yourself in dire need of images rendered at the highest standard (since you are being tediously demanding) you may very well turn to White Mammoth. Those animals are known to work with very little or even without sleep or nourishment to achieve the best possible result. They will not complain and refuse to let you down!“

Arhitektuuribüroo Eek & Mutso |

„Sometimes it´s hard to find the time to do everything yourself. This is when it´s good to have a reliable partner, whom you know, can react and help out. The level of rendering and image post-processing has always been outstanding at White Mammoth visualization studio.“

Arhitektuuribüroo Pluss |

„We were quite happy with the images as well as the work-flow – the attitude is adaptive and professional. Communication was smooth – sometimes perhaps too smooth. Render quality is superb, however.“

Alver Arhitektid |

„Have you ever thought that the cost of 3D vizualization is a bit expensive? Well... think of the cost of bad visualization. The sales you would miss because other developers have used White Mammoth and you settled with average. In White Mammoth studio the result is never average but exceptional. We would recommend them to anyone!“

Scandium Kinnisvara |

„We are completely satisfied with the work of White Mammoth. They delivered an excellent balance between the overall quality of the realistic images and the time taken to complete them. We are surely going to use their services again and encourage others to do the same.“

Kriips Punkt Arhitektid |

„It is always a pleasure to work with people who are doing their job with passion. This is probably the key to the impressive results.”

Ruumilabor |



    Send a quick email or give us a call to discuss your project details (how many images do you need, what time of day should be represented, do you have an existing 3D model we can work off of etc).


    Send us all relevant information – 3D models, CAD drawings, photos, sketches or even doodles (Files in DWG, OBJ, 3DS of PDF formats are best but we can use whatever you have for us).


    Receive our quote formed according to the complexity of your project and the desired time frame.


    Confirm Your order based on the quote you received by email and usually we start making good things happen for you instantly. Occasionally a prepayment of 30-50% is also expected.


    Confirm that the geometry, materials and camera angles for the visualisations are correct using our preview images (screen captures or clay renders).


    Revise the images. Up to 2 rounds are included in the price to best prepare the visualisations for high resolution rendering and post production.


    For still images, high resolution visualisations starting from 7000 by 3938 pixels are produced and specific post production is applied by our artists.


    All visualisations are presented and final payment is expected.